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The Games Arena and Bar is open to everyone at Sprung!  This is a little bastion of fun with some of our favorite bar games like beer pong, corn hole and Jenga - plus we've super-sized bowling in a major way! Bar games go as far back as bars.  Sprung! will help you get reacquainted with some favorites. If you are a newbie to any of these games, you too are welcome to learn and play these perennial favorites.  There is no charge to play but we warn you, they are addictive!

We'll also be showing the U.M. vs Clemson basketball game in it's entirety so us UM fans won't miss a basket.

If you've explored Sprung! and already found your favorite beer, cozy up to the Orange Pride Bar and order yourself a full-sized beer. Now these full beers are an additional charge, but you probably figured that out.

UPDATE: So we've been getting lots of calls asking "exactly what is human bowling?"  Well it's tough to explain, so here's a photo:

Any questions?

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